The John Psathas Percussion Project, Vol. 1

Arr. Omar Carmenates

The idea for THE JOHN PSATHAS PERCUSSION PROJECT: VOLUME ONE began in 2013 with John Psathas’ piano and gamelan piece Waiting: Still which Omar Carmenates arranged for percussion trio. While unknown at the time, this arrangement launched a five-year-long relationship that culminates in Carmenates’ debut for PARMA Recordings. For THE JOHN PSATHAS PERCUSSION PROJECT: VOLUME ONE, Carmenates acts as arranger, director, and performer, and is joined by a roster of talented musicians including pianist Daniel Koppelman and drum set soloist Justin Alexander.

The works on THE JOHN PSATHAS PERCUSSION PROJECT: VOLUME ONE draw inspiration from a wide range of sources. Corybas was built around a particular dance groove found in Macedonia, and Piano Quintet is reflective of the work of composers ranging from Arvo Pärt to Johann Sebastian Bach. Drum Dances is heavily influenced by the drumming style of Dave Weckl, while the virtuoso keyboard duo Jettatura is inspired by an incredibly unlucky trip by the composer to his homeland of Greece.

The works of Greek composer John Psathas emerge from a truly dazzling 21st-century backdrop, where dynamic collaboration with creative masters from all corners of the physical and artistic globe result in outcomes that are visionary, moving, and inspired. Brought to life by Carmenates’ efforts, Psathas’ compositions invite listeners on an aural journey into his musical and ethnic history.

-Navona Records

Six Ecoacoustic Quintets & Avian Telemetry

Matthew Burtner

Six Ecoacoustic Quintets is an in-depth exploration of the elemental relationships humankind shares with nature and the environment. With sensuous clarity, we hear the sounds of water splashing and lapping, of stones clattering, of air whispering—all noises so fundamental that the ear recognizes them with prehistoric instinctiveness. Joining these natural elements are percussion instruments and electronics which, together, express the complexities of human nature.

Just as stirring is Avian Telemetry, a piece based on the study of bird songs, and particularly the finding that these songs have risen in pitch over the years. Again, these sounds from nature are interwoven with electronic music and avant-garde percussion performance. This time, another surprising element is added to the mix: British Romantic-era poetry. The stanzas drift throughout the performance, helping to direct the mood through subtle suggestion.

This latest release from Burtner pairs the keen sensibilities of two formidable artists. The result is a body of music that is rooted in the incomparable gravity and timelessness of nature itself. A powerful statement about humankind’s place in the ecological world and the responsibility that comes with it,  SIX ECOACOUSTIC QUINTETS / AVIAN TELEMETRY is a collection of music that will dare you to listen closely to the world around you.

-Ravello Records

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